Vampire Academy Movie Cast: Forgiving and Forgetting, Maybe Dimitri isn't so bad... New Pictures + Richelle Mead Movie Interview.

Why hello there rough looking guy, I think I may be able to dig you...
I still don't like Lissa, or Rose for that matter, but I may be liking Dimitri a little bit. I think I've come to terms with the fact that these are the people that are going to play the characters, forever, and I should just deal. Sophia Bush is still my Rose, and Kiersten Prout is still my Lissa. Ben Barnes will always be my imaginary Dimitri. BUT I am willing to give this new guy a tiny chance.

As I was going through Facebook looking for updates I saw this link (Page to Premiere), it has a compiled list of questions that were asked to Richelle Mead via Twitter about the Vampire Academy Movie ( the questions not pertaining to the Movie were left out in this post). I would say read at your own discretion, but really you don't need to be discreet...

Q: Are you happy with the cast of @OfficialVAMovie? Zoey, Danila and Lucy? :)
A: Very happy! @OfficialVAMovie has done an exceptional job. I’m so, so excited.
Q: Has Christian been cast yet?
A: There’s been no official announcement, but I expect we’ll hear in a couple of weeks.
Q: Do you have any vote in choosing the actors for the upcoming Vampire Academy movie?
A: No. All casting and movie choices are in director’s and producers’ hands. But they’re doing an AMAZING job.
Q: Do you still have movie news?
A: Nothing new, but expect more soon!
Q: do you know of any big cuts they had to make for the movie?
A: I haven’t seen the latest draft, but the last script I saw had all the essentials, imo.
Q: are afraid the va movie might flop seen as how people who haven’t read the books might think of it as a twilight copy?
A: There’s always that chance, but it won’t change the books or the people who love the books. :)
Q: are you hoping they are going to make a movie for bloodlines is VA goes well????
A: It’d be great, but that’s a lot of books away! :)
Q: What is one scene that you absolutely want in the movie
A: When I saw the script, everything important seemed to be there! :)
Q: is the WHOLE cast confirmed for the movie yet?
A: Not everyone, but they’re very close. Filming starts at the end of this month, so it’ll have to be soon. :)
Q: how did Vampire Academy come about?
A: I learned about Russian vamp myths in a class & combined it w/an idea to write about a warrior girl and her teacher
Q: You’re always posting Danila’s pictures, how excited are you that he’s playing Dimitri?! He’s so nice to fans!
A: I’m excited! People who saw his audition say he owned it. He def looks the part, and I love how nice he is to fans.
Q: When are you planning to finish the Bloodlines series?
A: There are 6 books total that come out every 9-10 months. The 4th one is out in November, so…2015? Math is hard.
Q: will you be visiting the movie set in UK?
A: I hope so! It’s still early, so there’s still a lot of details to work out. :)
Q: will u b appearing in the movie?
A: I sincerely doubt it. :)
...because this doesn't give us any new information. Seriously? At least give us something! Every other answer is either "SO EXCITED!" or a total avoidance of the actual question. I know the author is supposed to be all "WOOHOOO I AM SO HAPPY THEY PAID ME MORE MONEY TO MAKE MY BOOK A MOVIE" but an honest to god answer would be good as well (not that that isn't an honest answer, I am sure it is, but tell us a LITTLE about what's going on, specially the script! Even that answer was avoided). I know she is excited, but at least give us something new and not the same old responses. This reads like every other interview with no real meat.


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