I Cast The Immortal Rules

The Immortal Rules: The latest vampire sensation to hit the shelves. Correction, the latest and greatest vampire sensation to hit the shelves.

Written by no other than Julie Kagawa, the author of our favorite Fae series The Iron King

In a future world, vampires reign.
Humans are blood cattle.
And one girl will search for the key to save humanity.

Bloody Bookaholic Book rating:

So here's the deal, I have been working on this dream cast since I basically reviewed the book back in March. Posts like these take time and lots of thinking, plus going through a bunch of pictures of yummy guys in order to pick just the perfect one. Yeah, such a hard task.

Let's start with...

Allison Sekemoto


Best Known For: Playing Anna in The Vampire Diaries

Description: Allison is described as a small, beautiful, exotic-looking Asian vampire with straight black hair, pale skin, and "squinty eyes". She is 5'0 in The Immortal Rules. (Wiki) This tough, sarcastic Fringer learned early how to survive: show no weakness, trust no one. Forced to choose between agonizing death and becoming what she despises, Allie's survival instinct still wins. Being a vampire isn't all bad (Heightened senses and incredible fighting strength? Awesome.), but this new, all-consuming hunger frightens even her.... (Main Page)

Why she would be perfect for playing Allison: How could Malese not be Allison? When I started reading the book, and got to the description of Allison I pictured Malese in my mind. She is exotic-looking Asian with straight hair and is small in height. SHE IS PERFECT. End of discussion really. Plus, heck of an actress. When I saw her in VD she was supposed to be a bad guy of sorts, but I just liked her too much to hold a grudge.

Ezekiel Crosse

eye canyd chord overstreet 11 Afternoon eye candy: Chord Overstreet (27 photos) 
Chord Overstreet

Best Known For: Playing Sam in Glee.

Description: Zeke is described as handsome, tall and lean, with bright blue eyes and blonde hair (Wiki) 17-year-old Zeke is practically the anti-Allie. He's trusting and friendly, fiercely protective of the small clan that has gathered around his adoptive father, Jeb Crosse. He's been raised as a leader and taught some harsh lessons about obedience, loyalty and the irredeemable evil of vampires. (Main Page)

Why he would be perfect for Zeke: He is the spiting image of Zeke! I mean, look at those pictures! *fans herself*


Zach Roering

Best Known For: Playing Matt Donovan in The Vampire Diaries.

Description: Zeke is described as handsome, tall and lean, with bright blue eyes and blonde hair (Wiki) 17-year-old Zeke is practically the anti-Allie. He's trusting and friendly, fiercely protective of the small clan that has gathered around his adoptive father, Jeb Crosse. He's been raised as a leader and taught some harsh lessons about obedience, loyalty and the irredeemable evil of vampires. (Main Page)

Why he would be perfect for Zeke: I have to be honest, when I read The Immortal Rules every time Zeke came into the picture I pictured Zach as my Zeke. He is just perfect for the part. Have you seen him in Vampire Diaries? Matt is like the nicest guy ever! He plays a very good nice guy, he is cute and blonde, and he has muscle! Plus I like him as an actor so sue me.



Best Known For: Playing John Sheppard in Stargate: Atlantis

Description: Allie's sire–the vampire who turned her–is one of the Masters, the most ancient and powerful of his kind. His piercing black eyes, tall, muscular form and calm, quiet demeanor make for one ominous specimen of immortality. He is a patient but demanding teacher who keeps his secrets close. (Main Page)

Why he would be perfect to play Kanin: I wanted Kanin to be handsome, because he is described as such, but also to have some years on him that would make him look wise and sort of "been there, done that". This actor is not young, but then again he is not that old. He is handsome, and he looks like he could play the part of being a mentor. I went through a lot of people before I laid eyes on Joe, and the moment I did I instantly loved him for the part.



Best Known For: Being Katy Perry's ex-husband and generally for being crazy and fun.

Description: The handsome and ruthless vampire king of Old Chicago likes his games bloody and his meals bloodier–both are supplied by the human gang of motorcycle raiders he commands.

Why he would be perfect to play Rackal: This vampire is generally described as being shit bat crazy and I believe Russell is shit bat crazy and whenever I think of Rackal this is the first person who comes to mind.

So what do you think? Good? Sort of good? Or am I out of my mind? Who would you cast?

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