Movie Alert/News: The Vampire Academy Movie turns into the Blood Sisters Movie, and the Official Movie Cast is well, cast! [UPDATED... Again]

Breaking news about the first Vampire Academy movie have been posted on the Vampire Academy Facebook page. 1st piece of news:
  • They have chosen who is to play Rose, Lissa and Dimitri...
... and these choices are, sadly, not great.

Zoey Deutch (as Rose Hathaway)


I also attached an interview she had for Ringer. I am not thrilled about her as Rose. Just, no... Gosh, it's like they didn't listen to the fans at all! When was this girl's name ever mentioned when they did the polls online? Did she even rank? I am guessing, hmm, not. She just doesn't strike me as being a strong kick ass girl, specially when I watched her on Ringer as the overly annoying Juliet.

Lucy Fry (as Lissa Dragomir)


 I guess she is... fine. I mean, she is just not as vulnerable looking as I picture Lissa being. :/ She looks like a California girl, not a broken vampire girl who lost her entire family and now has to carry the weight of the world upon her shoulders.

Danila Kozlovsky (as Dimitri Belikov)


Danila Kozlovsky

Hmmm... I like him in the first picture... Not with short hair though, UGH. Last time I check DImitri was Ben Barnes, Ben Barnes, BEN FREAKING BARNES GOSH DAMN IT. Okay okay, I am giving this guy a shot, if only for that first redeeming picture. I can picture him as Dimitri, if he lets his hair grow.

Second piece of news: They changed the bloody title of the movie from the awesome Vampire Academy to... Blood Sisters. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! What a stupid title! Blood sisters! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH VAMPIRE ACADEMY?! NOTHING!

Vampire Academy, regal, mysterious, awesome.
Blood Sisters, are these menstrual sisters? Did they make a pact? Are these two girls, sisters? Oh wait, no they are not! Idiots.

Update: "Richelle Mead thought long and hard about what the name of her series should be called for the big screen and she settled on BLOOD SISTERS. As you may or may not know, it's the title for the German version of VA."

I'm sorry, did I wake up in Germany? I DIDN'T THINK SO. This is America, get with the program.

2nd Update: This just in... "It's OFFICIAL, the first movie is called "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters".

-VA Movie Facebok

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters... getting there, now just drop the Blood Sisters part and we are GOLDEN.

Quote from
IM Global’s Ford said. “This is as much Mean Girls as The Hunger Games. ” It is snappy irreverent, sexy and just a lot of fun. And we got the right director for that kind of movie.”
Mean girls? MEAN GIRLS? What are they doing with my beloved movie exactly?!


Calm down, calm down...

Alas, disappointed I am. Like, really disappointed. I might go under my covers and cry myself to sleep because one of my dream movies has failed me so.


But, maybe, just maybe, they will prove me wrong. Gosh I hope so. Until then though...

Who wants to join me in my crying fest?

UPDATE 2/2/13  So after a good night's sleep, and much consideration, I am really to re-evaluate the cast. The title is still awful and will probably creep out a bunch of people out (not to mention guys, I mean seriously what self respected guy, who is not already a fan, is going to go see Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters willingly?) so no mind change in that. But the cast.

Zoey (Rose): I still can't see her as Rose. I've seen her act, and sure she may surprise us but my knee jerk reaction is that she just isn't right for the role. I guess nothing can be as good as in our heads.

Lucy (Lissa): Still looking too much like a California girl! Lissa is supposed to be delicate, super feminine, and nice.

Danila (Dimitri): He IS Russian, and he seems the least of our problems for now. He is the "better" cast choice. I still think Ben Barnes should have done it, but oh well. Can't win them all, or in this case any of them.

I've heard a lot of "the producers know what they are doing" and "make up and training can do wonders!" but this post isn't about that. I know all this! I am not completely delirious. I know things can possibly be better, this was just my first gut reaction. I've loved Vampire Academy for many, MANY, years so I am sorry if not every fan can be all positive about these news. I can just hope they do a good job, all of them.


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